RGB Strip LED Driver & Infra red controller w/ 44 key r/c (12V/6A/72W max)

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RGB LED power supply (driver) , 12vDC-72watt max. intergrated with 44 key infrared controller 


Product Feature

  • Advanced micro control unit, suitable for a variety of constant voltage LED lamps, such as RGB LED module, RGB or any other colour LED strip, LED tape and other LED lights.
  • 44 key IR remote control unit, yuo can adjust Brightness,staticcolour choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effect.
  • There are 28 modes in total, including 20 static and 8 dinamic changes, the brigtness of the static colour and speed of the dynamic changes are adjustable.


 44 Key-Remote Functions :

Brightness Increase

Brightness Decrease



Static red

Static green

Static blue

Static white

Static orange

Static light green

Static dark blue

Static  milk white

Static dark yellow

Static cyan

Static Lyons blue

Static white pink

Static yellow

Static light blue

Static purple

Static green-white

Static light yellow

Static sky blue

Static brown

Static blue white

Increase red

Increase green

Increase blue

Speed up

Decrease red

Decrease green

Decrease blue


DIY key1

DIY key2

DIY key3

Automatic change

DIY key4

DIY key5

DIY key6

Flash on and off

3 color jumpy change

7 color jumpy change

3 color fade change

7 color fade change


Application Example:

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