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Can LED Lighting Actually Increase Your In-Store Sales?

In recent years, many retailers have replaced their in-store lighting with LED bulbs, in a bid to cut overheads and improve their energy efficiency credentials. Cutting energy bills and reducing environmental impact, these LED bulbs have had a profoundly positive effect across the board.


But now, it seems that the benefits of using in-store LED lighting could be having another, perhaps even more significant, impact on retailers. A major German grocery chain, Globus, has revealed that a switch to LED lighting has encouraged an increase in footfall and sales. Amazingly, simply switching to LED lighting has resulted in a 6% sales increase as well as a 15% increase in the number of shoppers visiting promotional areas.

The store piloted a few different combinations of lighting to identify which appealed most to shoppers and discovered that LED spotlights with pastel coloured uplights proved to be the most popular. It seems shoppers are increasingly likely to spend more time in store when more pleasant and favourable lighting is present – a subtle, but effective, sales tool.

Norbert Scheller, Store Manager at Globus supermarket in Saarbrücken was enthusiastic about the impact that the LED lighting had: “As a retailer, to stay ahead of the competition, you have to create a multi-sensory environment and a ‘wow-factor’ in your stores. We have successfully been able to create triggers to direct our customers to promotional areas in our store and to inspire them in new ways.”

Whilst the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly credentials of LED lighting have been the headline-grabbing features of the technology, the ability to better control the tone and brightness of the light has not been discussed as much. But this is important, especially in commercial properties such as retail stores, as it helps shape the psychological experience for the shopper.

Subconsciously, we are affected by the layout, light and appearance of every store we enter, and are far more likely to spend longer in and return to a store which has a positive psychological impact. And as we are happier, we are perhaps more likely to trust the retailer and commit to a purchase.

As the competition on the high street intensifies, many retail managers are looking for new ways to secure custom – often at the expense of the store (cutting prices and diversifying services beyond current capabilities). So, could the implementation of in-store LED lighting prove to be the subconscious boost on-the-fence customers need to choose your store instead of competitors?

With LED lighting more cost and energy efficient than alternative technologies, implementing LED bulbs in store is something of a no-risk venture. The improved energy efficiency of LED lighting ensures lower energy bills, offering significant savings in the long term (especially for larger sites with a greater number of light fittings). Even if the presence of LED lighting just increases sales and footfall by 1%, it will prove a worthy investment.

So, if you are looking to improve the in-store experience of your customers with LED lighting, head over to our homepage for an amazing range of bulbs and fixtures. Alternatively, call our sales team on 01254 695 914 and we’ll help you find the perfect units for your property.